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Rules of Texting and Dating - Part II

by testuser

Following are some texting DO’s that can help move your relationships forward: 
DO text to confirm plans. If you’re meeting someone for a drink, send a quick text to confirm, or to let them know if you’re running late. Simple gestures like these go a long way in showing someone you’ve just started dating that you are considerate and not a flake. 

DO text a thank-you after the date. Gone are the days of waiting three days for a phone call. Instead, most relationships move forward or fall off quickly. Send your date a brief text thanking him for the date and letting him know you’d like to get together again. Then let him respond…no need to keep texting indefinitely with no response. 

DO text flirtatiously. If you are excited about someone you just met and want to keep the connection going, it’s okay to get a little flirty over text. Show your creativity and be clever. But don’t be tempted to send naked photos even if you think your texts have progressed to "sexts". Far too many bad things can happen, from your picture getting posted online to offending the object of your affection. Save that for in-person time. 

DO text promptly. There’s no need to wait several days before responding to a text to keep a guy or girl interested. If you get a text, try to respond within a couple of hours. This shows your interest. If you wait, he might assume you’re not and move on.